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Prescription Benefits

Prescription Benefits

ASEBP’s prescription drug benefits provide support to our covered members so that they may effectively manage their health no matter where they are on their health journey.


Click the following links for more information regarding specific aspects of ASEBP's prescription benefits:

Tools & Resources

The Drug Inquiry Tool, available under the Coverage tab on My ASEBP, is a useful resource for any questions about the coverage eligibility of specific drugs. Simply search the drug to find out if it’s covered, whether generic or least cost alternatives are available, if special authorization is required, if it’s a preferred product or if step therapy rules apply.

We also offer, through your My ASEBP account, a secure, Canadian-based website called Apple-a-Day, which provides reliable health information and resources. We encourage covered members to access this valuable site for further information about their health condition.

Updated: August 25, 2016