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General Information about ASEBP Coverage

Click here to view the General Plan Provisions, or click the book icon in the blue side bar.

Your coverage is initially established at the time of your enrolment, but it can change over time as your situation changes.

In order to determine what specific benefit coverage you have in effect at any given point in time, you can refer to two primary sources of information:

ASEBP Identification Card

The ASEBP identification card lists all of your applicable benefit coverage. The front of the card shows important information including your name and ASEBP ID number, your dependants’ names and ASEBP ID numbers, your employer’s name, and your benefit coverage. The inside of your card lists the phone numbers for the outside Canada travel assistance service medical advisor. Click here for an example of an ASEBP identification card.

When you receive your card, please ensure that you check the personal information. If any of the information on your card is incorrect or has changed, call your employer. New cards will be issued as soon as your employer notifies ASEBP.

Show your ASEBP ID card whenever you get a prescription filled, you go to the dentist, get glasses or are admitted to hospital. The ASEBP identification card performs two functions:

  • it automatically provides the service provider with any plan coverage limitations
  • it authorizes direct payment if the expense is covered under your plan

If your ASEBP identification card is lost or stolen, or if you would like additional copies, you can print your own cards or request copies from ASEBP via your My ASEBP account. You can also contact ASEBP for assistance.

View Your Coverage Information on My ASEBP

My ASEBP is a secure online portal that allows members to view their coverage information, and the dependants currently enrolled in their benefit plan. To view your coverage, log into My ASEBP and select Coverage from the main menu. 

Submit your ASEBP benefit claims online! My ASEBP is making your benefit plan more user-friendly. All employees enrolled in ASEBP Extended Health Care and Vision Care benefits can access to this new feature via My ASEBP, allowing them to submit claims for these benefits online. Register for the new My ASEBP today to discover all of its new features!