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ASEBP Identification Card

A sample of the ASEBP Identification card is shown below, highlighting its information and features.

Sample ASEBP Identification Card

Note: If your card was issued prior to July 18, 2011, it may appear differently than the card above.

Why did I get a card?

Your card contains ID numbers for you and your dependants covered by ASEBP. We issue ID numbers to allow us to more effectively administer your benefits, to give you access to other services, and to avoid the use of Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) for identification purposes. Your SIN will only be used for administering income replacement benefits such as extended disability and life insurance claims.

Your ASEBP ID card also lists the benefits you and your dependants may have with ASEBP.

How do I use my card/ID number?

  • Use the ID number when calling ASEBP; we will be able to quickly access your information to respond to your request
  • Use the number to log into My ASEBP to access a variety of self-serve features and health resources on Apple-a-Day
  • Show your card to health care providers if you have health benefits (extended health care, dental and/or vision care) with ASEBP so that they can confirm coverage and process claims
  • Members with extended health care coverage will find emergency travel assistance information printed on the inside of your card.

What should I do if the information on my ID card is incorrect?

If any of the information on your card has changed or is incorrect, contact a Benefit Specialist. New cards will be issued when our records have been updated.

How can I get additional or replacement cards?

You can print your own ID cards, or submit a request online via My ASEBP, or contact a Benefit Specialist at 780-431-4786 in the Edmonton area or toll-free at 1-877-431-4786.