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ASEBP in the Community

Becoming involved in the community and being socially responsible is a top priority for ASEBP. We believe that it is equally important for our organization to contribute to a more eco-friendly future as it is to give back to Alberta’s communities.

Charitable Spirit

ASEBP is an organization with a social conscience. Giving back is so ingrained in our Best Practices and everyday work life that generosity has become second nature.

Our Casual for a Cause initiative focuses on a different charity every month. Employees donate to these charities and in return have the option of participating in Casual Fridays. When emergencies and disasters strike our local or global community, our employees have even taken it upon themselves to organize blood drives, food drives, and further donations.

Community Interaction

In an effort to be an active member of the Albertan business community, ASEBP has been participating in corporate team-building events and activities for almost a decade. This involvement aligns with our belief that a vital part of participating in any community is getting to know employees from other organizations.

Go Green

ASEBP also looks out for the global community through our ‘go green’ efforts. Activities and information sessions about sustainability at work and at home are held, highlighting the small changes anyone can make to help the planet. We have a thorough recycling program in our workplace with recycling bins located on each floor and personal blue boxes in every cubicle or office.

We are in the process of making our publications available online rather than sending a paper copy to each covered member and employee. In-house paper use has also been decreased, as the number of internal posters and memos have been reduced in exchange for emails and electronic versions.

We at ASEBP care about the size of carbon footprint we leave, and therefore are proud to place such an emphasis on becoming environmentally friendly.

ASEBP strives to contribute meaningfully to the community, whether that means encouraging “green” business practices, supporting local charities, or participating in spirit-building corporate events. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with the community, and are excited to work towards a more charitable, sustainable future.